Master Crafter

Craft Genius isn’t your typical home party company. If you cringe every time you’re invited to a candle, kitchen accessory, makeup or cleaning supply party, we know how you feel. If you’re like us, you feel you should go support your friend, even though you already own two apple corers, and you buy a third because it’s the least expensive item in the catalog!

What makes us different is we provide an experience rather than a catalog of products. As a Master Crafter, you will be teaching people to craft while bringing friends together in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. 

Our Master Crafter compensation program is the most transparent in the business: Master Crafters earn 20% of sales! It’s that simple.

If you are interested in how compensation might look, you can check out the following examples.

Working ten hours per month, you can earn $230.20! If you book three Classes of six Crafters, market our Seasonal Boxes through your social media, and offer additional Boxes at your Classes, you can earn over $20 per hour!

  • 18 Crafters @ $29.50 = $106.20
  • 9 Crafters purchase additional products = $53.20
  • 12 Seasonal Boxes sold = $70.80

As a Master Crafter, you will run your own business. You have the option to work as little or as much as you would like. It only takes six classes per year to maintain your Master Crafter status. 

As a Master Crafter you:

  • Don’t have to purchase any product or supplies to maintain an inventory
  • Don’t have paperwork to complete (everything is done through our website or app)
  • Don’t have to meet with Crafters after the event to deliver products
  • Don’t pay a monthly fee for a website
  • Don’t have to be a salesperson to be successful

You will start with the Master Crafter Kit starting at $149.50 and includes the following:

  • Wax pot and 6 mixing beakers
  • 6 Essential Oils
  • 6 Bath Bomb Molds
  • 4 Alcohol Inks
  • 3 Craft Kits for you to create your samples
  • 3 glue guns and 100 glue sticks
  • 1 Heat gun

Interested in becoming Master Crafter? Fill out the form to get started!